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In 2008, Apple announced that it had officially launched its app store, originally featuring 500 applications. The iOS app development world is full of talented people creating amazing apps. By 2022, about 4.3 million mobile apps will be available in the App Store, plus an additional one million gaming apps.

With so many apps being added daily, it's easy to forget how far the mobile app development process has come. Whether you have an app idea, are looking to start a career in iOS app building, or want to learn how to create an app, this blog post outlines five essential steps every beginner should take when creating a new iOS app.

  1. Download Xcode

  2. Gain Knowledge of Swift Programming Language.

  3. Access Digital Resources.

  4. Seek Out a Mentor.

  5. Enrol in Coding Bootcamp

Download Xcode

It's always best to get the proper tools before developing an iOS app. You'll need to use Xcode to build apps for iPhones and iPads. It's the tool of choice for creating apps for all iOS devices. You can download it directly to your computer from the App Store. Once it's downloaded, you will use it to design your user interface and write code to respond to user interaction. What a bargain! And the best part is you can start immediately.

Gain Knowledge of Swift Programming Language.

It's the programming language you'll need to learn to write iOS apps. You will download Xcode. Xcode is a program that lets you write code in Swift. You'll also learn how to use Xcode to edit the code. You should understand what we mean if you want to be a programmer. Learning Swift with Code with Chris helps make sense of all the code examples you've read in this book.


You'll write Swift programming language directly into Xcode when using the Xcode IDE. Once you've downloaded Xcode and learned Swift, you'll be able to build apps for iOS, which can be installed on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and other Apple devices. Xcode and Swift aren't easy, but you'll get there with patience. Or, it doesn't sound that simple. It may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it is doable. If you want to get a head start, then you'll have to learn about Swift programming.

 Luckily for you, there are a lot of resources out there that can help you with all of these things.

 Access Digital Resources.

Like most trades, navigating Xcode and learning Swift is easier than ever before. You can find plenty of free online resources to walk you through the process.

The benefits of learning how to build an app this way include the following: 


  • it's free, and 

  •  you can work on your timeline.


To learn this type of training, you must be very disciplined. You'll want to take advantage of the online learning opportunities to help you succeed at Amazon. As someone who has never been interested in learning any skill, it's not a good idea to learn from videos, even from a professional.

Building a great app will take some time, but if you have the right resources and are willing to put in the time, it can be done.

Seek Out A Mentor.

Finding a mentor and teaching yourself iOS and Swift is one of the most effective ways to learn how to build an iOS app. A mentor can teach you the correct way to set up Xcode, teach you tips and tricks they've learned in their years of experience, and help you when you have questions or problems. You'll always need a mentor to help you build your app; even if you've already started, you should lean on your mentor to improve it.

Finding a mentor may require some effort. Here are some tips on how to locate one: 

  • Search for iOS developers in your vicinity on LinkedIn, build relationships with them, inquire about their work, and gauge if they would be willing to coach you in the techniques they use.

  • See if your family or friends know someone who does app development, whether for Macs/iPhones or another type. Ask for contact information and give them a call to find out more.

  • Attend a coding Bootcamp program. Bootcamps typically provide mentors available to help you throughout the course and beyond, even after completing it.

Enrol In Coding Bootcamp

An intensive 16-week coding boot camp immerses you in iOS app building and the iOS app network—finding the right people who can teach you what you need to know.

This program is not for you if you already have the skills and experience you want to apply to a sales career. Bootcamp is practical but typically costs $11,400, depending on where you go.

It's a significant advantage if you're hoping to build an app or game for the iPhone. If you've got coding experience, you can use this course's resources to prepare for the iOS programming certification. Check my blog about Apps Builder Online

 Other Aspects To Think About


How much does it cost to build an app? It depends on the app. This means that, regardless of your budget, if you have an idea for an app, resources are available to help you develop it. If you have savings to invest in developing your app idea or business, you must empty your savings first. However, you can use your savings to build the next step of your mobile-app-based business, even if you still need to get a savings account.

Yes, it depends on various factors, including the additional tools you use, the features you plan to include, and how quickly you want to finish the app.

There are a lot of factors that can make creating your iOS app seem expensive. However, once you know how to do it, you can build a solid app without spending any money.

Platform Compatibility

Yes. You can start making iOS apps for the Windows platform with some training. The short (and official) answer is no. However, the longer, more accurate answer is yes… you'll need to use a workaround. That's because Xcode is only compatible with Mac operating systems—making Windows strictly off-limits. It's possible, but you'll have to run the Mac OS on a virtual machine on a windows computer.

While Apple encourages its users to develop apps using the latest version of Swift, doing so is not supported on other platforms. Please don't do it. With online resources, a mentor, and a coding Bootcamp, you can learn how to create an iOS app quickly and effectively.

These recommendations will get you started building your app, but it's important to know what else you need before submitting it to Apple's App Store.


Prerequisites For Creating An Apple App For Free


  • Developing a Mobile App Concept: Before you can even start developing your app, you need to know the features the app should include and what problem it should solve. Also, come up with a unique name for your application and create a logo or icon related to it.


  • Researching Your Target Audience: It's essential to understand the demographics and interests of your target audience before you begin developing your app. This will help you create an app relevant to their needs and wants.


  • Designing Your App: You will need a designer to create concepts for the visual interface of your application. This includes the app's logo, icon, colours, and overall layout.

  • Developing the App: Once your app design is complete, you need to hire an experienced software developer to create a working version of your application. Finding someone with experience in developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms is crucial.

  • Testing the App: Once you have a working version of your application, it is essential to test it to ensure everything works correctly. You should also create a feedback form so that users can quickly provide their opinions and suggestions on improving the app.

  • Promoting Your App: To get the most out of your app, you must promote it effectively. This includes submitting your app to the various app stores, creating a website or blog for your app, and using social media platforms to advertise it.


  • Monitoring & Analysing App Performance: Once you have launched your app, you need to regularly monitor its performance and analyse user feedback to make improvements. This will help you better understand your users and ensure they can get the most out of your app.

  • Maintaining & Updating Your App: As technology changes, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends and update your app accordingly. This includes adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving user experience.

You can create a compelling and successful Apple app for free by following these steps.


Q: How long does it take to make an Apple app for free?

A: It depends on the complexity of your app and the amount of time you can dedicate to its development. However, with the help of online resources, a mentor, and a coding boot camp, you should be able to create an iOS app in a few months.

Q: What platform do I need to create an Apple app for free?

A: Creating an Apple app requires coding knowledge and using software such as Xcode, AppCode, and Swift. Many people find it helpful to have a mentor or attend a coding boot camp to learn more about the development process.

Q: What are the steps to create an Apple app for free?

A: The steps to creating an Apple app include developing a concept, researching your target audience, designing your app, developing and testing the app, promoting it, monitoring & analysing its performance, and maintaining & updating it.

Q: Can I make money from my Apple app?

A: You can monetize your app with in-app purchases, subscription fees, and advertisements. Many apps offer customers additional services that can generate revenue. It is essential to research the different ways to generate income with your app before building it.

Q: Do I need to hire an app developer to create an Apple app for free?

A: It is unnecessary to hire a professional to create your own Apple app. However, finding someone with experience developing mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms is advisable if you wish to have a successful and bug-free app. Hiring a professional will save time and reduce the likelihood of costly errors.


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